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WATCH: Yang Squirts Whipped Cream Into Mouths Of Kneeling Men, Campaign Manager Desperately Tries To Stop Him

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo
Andrew Yang speaks to the media after the Democratic Presidential Debate at Tyler Perry Studios November 20, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Tuesday evening, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang celebrated the opening of his office in Manchester, New Hampshire, by squirting whipped cream into supporters’ mouths.

The “uncomfortable” interaction was captured on video by ABC News reporter Christopher Donato.

As shown in the video below, Mr. Yang squirts the cream into one kneeling young man’s mouth and then celebrates by shaking the bottle and joking, “That’s a full-service presidential candidate!” And he wasn’t done there, to the obvious displeasure of who appears to be the candidate’s campaign manager Zach Graumann. The businessman then squirts more cream into another kneeling male supporter’s mouth before Graumann has had enough and steps in to move the candidate along.


Yang is known for having fun on the campaign trail with his supporters. The Democrat has offered up some cute dance moves, jetted around on a skateboard, and even crowd-surfed.

But the whipped cream squirting was not beloved by all online.

Jessica Fletcher, reacting to the video, kept it concise: “I am so uncomfortable right now,” she captioned the video.

Others responding to the video posted:


“Frat house optics?”

“He could offer me $10,000 a month and I still wouldn’t want him as president.”

“I’m definitely #YangGang but I admit this looks …strange.”

“Cringe worthy.”

“Campaign manager is not pleased. “That’s enough, c’mon that’s enough.” He recognizes really bad optics. Cringe worthy.”

“His handler is so uncomfortable. ‘K we need to go now Mr. Yang this needs to not be happening anymore.'”

“I cannot say what this reminds me of in an open forum.”

“Joe [Biden]: I promise to be the creepiest candidate in the history of candidates. Yang: hold my beer.”

Mr. Yang, a successful entrepreneur, has made a splash in the presidential field, in part for his universal basic income proposal dubbed “Freedom Dividend.”

Yang’s “Freedom Dividend” would redistribute $1,000 of taxpayer money to every American per month. The Daily Wire reported on the proposal:

“[Yang’s] universal basic income proposal would, according to the campaign, not merely ‘enable all Americans to pay their bills, educate themselves, start businesses, [and] be more creative,’ but would also ‘permanently grow the economy by 12.56 to 13.10 percent—or about $2.5 trillion by 2025.’ Although the policy of universal basic income is primarily associated with today’s political Left, famous free-market economist Milton Friedman also lent some support to the idea as a possible alternative to the status quo of an expansive welfare state. Yang’s other core economic platform, ‘human-centered capitalism,’ represents more of a vaguely defined goal than a concrete policy prescription. Yang also supports stricter regulation of the financial services industry.”

The presidential candidate also falls in-line with his fellow Democrats when it comes to healthcare, supporting so-called “Medicare For All.” “In practice, ‘Medicare for All’ would effectively amount to a single-payer health insurance system and a de facto governmental takeover of health insurance and imposition of socialized medicine in America,” The Daily Wire noted.

It appears Mr. Yang did not qualify to appear on next month’s Democratic primary debate stage. According to The New York Post, each of the six candidates who have qualified are white.

90 days until election

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