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WATCH: Women Of ‘The View’ Attempt To Give Trump Credit For Freeing Americans From North Korea. It Goes How You’d Expect.

The women at “The View” attempted to give President Donald Trump credit for securing the release of three American prisoners from North Korea on Thursday morning, and it went exactly how you’d expect.

Let’s start with Ms. Joy Behar, a bitter “resistor” of Trump’s. The short-lived credit she gave to the president must have tasted like vinegar coming out of her loud mouth. “You know, good for him. If it works, we’re happy for him,” she begrudgingly forced out. “If he is on the right track, I give him credit for that.”

But, in the same breath, Behar unleashed an irrelevant condemnation of Trump regarding the media (she couldn’t help herself). “I just wish he would stop attacking the press and our American institutions because it’s eroding the democracy underneath our feet,” she stated.

Welp, she tried. Sort of.

Co-host Sara Haines also took a swipe at Trump, but in an utterly convoluted way, saying, “I hope it was his big talk, mainly because, regardless, he thinks it was, and if he thinks it is, it has emboldened him, going forward in other meetings, so I just wouldn’t want that to be false confidence, so I hope that it was the big talk that paid off for him.”


Sunny Hostin, also sitting at the round table, evaded giving Trump credit by noting that the release of political prisoners was “not unprecedented.” Perhaps if Trump traded five terrorist masterminds for a traitor instead she’d be singing a different tune.

Meghan McCain, who accounts for at least half of the total IQ points at the table, unsurprisingly gave Trump the credit that was due. “It’s a good day,” she said, noting that watching the release made her feel especially patriotic.

Whoopi Goldberg, too, who can often be fair-minded, gave the president praise for his work to release the Americans.


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