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WATCH: Women See The Horrific Reality Of Abortion In These Stunning Videos

By  Frank Camp

Live Action, the pro-life organization founded by Lila Rose, has an ongoing video series in which they approach men and women who identify as pro-choice, and try to change their minds.

The series follows a simple format. A person behind the camera first asks the pro-choice individuals their beliefs about abortion, then has them watch a video narrated by former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino. These videos, which can be viewed in their entirety here, feature animated depictions of various abortion procedures as described by Levatino.

Two of the most recent videos in the series serve as a stunning reminder that very few people truly understand what abortion is.

A woman wearing a white shirt and a backpack is asked her opinion on abortion, and she replies:

I’d rather no one — I don’t really like abortion. I’d rather it didn’t exist. I’m not very “for abortion,” but there are times when you do need abortion, and it’s up to that person, and their rights, and what they want to do.

Live Action then has the woman watch the “2nd Trimester D&E [Dilation and Evacuation]” abortion video in which Dr. Levatino describes the procedure that is “performed between 13 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.”

After amniotic fluid is suctioned out of the uterus, a sopher clamp is used to pull apart the fetus, then crush the head because it’s too large to be pulled out in one piece.

While watching the video, the women begins to cry. During the post-video interview, she says:

I didn’t know that you’d have to detach and crush, and the process it goes through, and all the risks that happen with this. So now that I do know, I just — you can, there are so many other options apart from abortion, and I know it sucks, and like, the consequences, and how it happened, and why you might want an abortion, but there’s always another option. And [you’ve] just got to suck it up because it’s a life.

The person behind the camera notes that prior to watching the video, the woman had said that there were “certain instances [or] circumstances where you would support it, in cases of rape, for example.” She was then asked if the video changed her mind. The woman replies that the video has indeed changed her mind.

In another video, a woman is asked about her thoughts on abortion. She says: “I think everyone should have a right to it. It’s our body. It’s our decision, right?”

She then says that she would support abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

The woman is shown the same video featuring Dr. Levatino. After watching, the woman calls the video “heart-wrenching,” and says that “until you see something like that, you don’t often think that you’re gonna change your opinion, right?”

She adds: “I had no idea this is how abortion takes place, right? Looking at that video and the way it’s performed, yeah, it’s an eye-opener.”

So many Americans don’t realize the barbarity of abortion because the way in which the industry speaks of the procedure is euphemistic. Progressives talk about “women’s health” or “reproductive rights,” never revealing the details of abortion procedures like D&E or induction.

If abortion were understood for what it truly is, support would likely plummet, the industry would crater, and the Democratic Party would lose one of its most powerful lures for the female vote.

There are two things standing in the way of Americans learning the truth about abortion — the deliberate obfuscation of reality by Planned Parenthood and progressive activists, and fear on the part of conservatives and the pro-life movement.

If the pro-life movement would stop simply speaking about the positives of “life,” and begin to actually show the negatives of this horrific practice, millions of pre-born children could have a fighting chance. Otherwise, we will likely continue to lose every battle and eventually the war entirely.

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