“Roughly 300 protesters blocked traffic, yelling at drivers and telling them to join the demonstration. A few drivers drove through small crowds of protesters, leaving at least one man injured,” the Wisconsin State Journal reported Wednesday. “Organizers stood on top of a tow truck, vowing that the night would not be peaceful.”

“This is not a peaceful protest, so if you came out here for a peaceful protest, you missed it,” an organizer said, the paper reports. “We’re done being peaceful. Now we demanding justice.”

One of the victims of the riot was Democratic State Sen. Tim Carpenter, who was assaulted late that night after he took photos of protesters demanding the release of Johnson.

“I don’t know what happened … all I did was stop and take a picture … and the next thing I’m getting five-six punches, getting kicked in the head,” Carpenter told The Washington Post. “This has got to stop before someone gets killed. Sad thing I’m on their side for peaceful demonstrations — am a Gay Progressive Dem Senator served 36 years in the legislature.”

Early Wednesday morning, Carpenter posted the picture that he said got him attacked and noted that he “[m]ight have concussion, left eye a little blurry, cheek shollen, sore neck and ribs.”