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WATCH: Unhinged Cher Goes on Profanity-Laced Trump-is-Hitler Rant At Hillary Fundraiser

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Musical icon and ardent left-winger Cher opened a fundraiser in Provincetown, Massachusetts last weekend for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Caught on tape, Cher blasted “idiot” Republican nominee Donald Trump as Hitler-like in a profanity-laced rant, because of course she did.

(Don’t even ask if Hillary will be asked to “disavow” Cher’s remarks by the media. We all know the answer.)

Starting off her 15-minute hate-fueled verbal bender in Massachusetts, the 70-year-old pop star sounded off, “I just think he’s a f*cking idiot.”

Predictably, Cher interpreted the “real” meaning of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan for fundraiser attendees: “He doesn’t mean we want to make America great again. He means we want to make America straight and white,” she said, adding that Trump reminds her of “despots, you know Stalin and Hitler.”

“He just says like the weirdest sh*t,” she went on.

Cher also mocked Trump’s stumbling pronunciation of the “LGBTQ” acronym.

“And also — I love this — he’s like ‘L-G-B-T … and Q?’ Like he just learned it, you know?” she teased.

She then explained that Trump is reminiscent of the murdering child character in the film, “The Bad Seed.”

“He’s so Patty McCormack, consummate liar, doesn’t care who she hurts, insane,” she stated.

“It’s like ‘Racist Fun with Dick and Jane.’ We’re going to build walls,” Cher continued, playing off the 1970s comedy “Fun with Dick and Jane.”

Cher then wished that Trump would go away, or possibly die, depending on your interpretation.

“I just wish he’d fall off the face of the Earth,” she whined, sounding much like a child not getting her way in Toys “R” Us.

According to Cher, if Trump takes the White House, “our world would be the worst place… I don’t think we could imagine how bad it could get.”

“If breaking news ever happened and he had to go to the podium, we would just all go, ‘F*ck,’” she added.

Cher praised Clinton, of course, calling her “tougher than Chinese algebra.”

“I believe in her so much,” she added.

This is nothing new for the often-hysterical musical talent; when Trump is invoked, all bets are off: Cher loses her freaking mind every time. In the past, Cher has referred to Trump as a “fucking traitor,” a “racist,” a “bigot” and a “creep.”

According to Fox News, after the event, Cher told reporters that the Republican nominee is “a racist, he’s a misogynist, he’s a horrible person.”

View Cher’s remarks at the fundraiser, below:

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