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WATCH: Tucker Carlson: We’ve Got A Pretty Good Idea Which WH Official Wrote Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Op-Ed …

On his Fox News show Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson addressed the “remarkable” anonymous op-ed published by The New York Times earlier in the day in which the author claims to be a senior official in the White House who is part of the “resistance” to President Trump. Carlson started off the segment by saying he has a “pretty good idea who wrote” the piece and has contacted the White House for response.

“The New York Times this afternoon wrote a remarkable op-ed piece. It was written anonymously. It’s the work of someone who claims to be an official inside the Trump administration, a member of the underground resistance within the West Wing,” said Carlson.

“We think we’ve got a pretty good idea who wrote this piece,” he continued. “We’ve called the White House for comment on it tonight, but until we can confirm the identity, of course, we’re not going to accuse anyone in public. We’ll keep you posted on that.”

Carlson then went on to highlight some of the claims in the piece, including the description of Trump as an “unpredictable and mercurial boss who is light on policy detail and given to say outlandish things,” as Carlson put it. This description, said the host, is “true.” In fact, one of the notable aspects of Trump appears to be that his behavior in public is the same as his behavior behind closed doors. That people are somehow surprised to learn this fact, suggested Carlson, is what’s truly surprising. “He’s governing exactly as you would imagine he would,” he said.

“Trump’s attempts to do what he promised to do on the campaign are not a travesty, they are a sign the system is working as designed,” said Carlson. Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Trump and the White House have come out firing in response to the anonymous NYT op-ed.

“This is a new low for the so-called ‘paper of record,’ and it should issue an apology, just as it did after the election for its disastrous coverage of the Trump campaign,” said Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in a statement Wednesday. She also blasted the anonymous author. “The individual behind this piece has chosen to deceive, rather than support, the duly-elected President of the United States. He is not putting country first, but putting himself and his ego ahead of the will of the American people. This coward should do the right thing and resign.”

After tweeting “TREASON?” Trump also unloaded on the “gutless” editorial. “We have somebody in what I call the failing New York Times talking about he’s part of the resistance within the Trump administration,” Trump said. “This is what we have to deal with.”


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