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WATCH: Trump Makes History In Powerful Speech At ‘March For Life’

By  James Barrett

On Friday, a day before the one-year anniversary of his inauguration, President Donald Trump became the first sitting president to address the annual March For Life in Washington, D.C. Trump addressed the tens of thousands of marchers via live video feed from the Rose Garden, where he promised to continue to protect “the very first right in the Declaration of Independence, and that is the right to life.”

Vice President Pence introduced Trump and presented a hopeful vision of the country for those who want to protect the lives of the unborn: “I believe with all of my heart, that with your continued dedication and compassion, with pro-life majorities in the Congress, with President Donald Trump in this White House, and with God’s help, we will restore the sanctity of life to the center of American law.”

“Today I’m honored and really proud to be the first President to stand with you here at the White House to address the 45th March for Life,” said Trump.

“You come from many backgrounds, many places, but you all come for one beautiful cause: to build a society where life is celebrated, protected and cherished,” he said. “The March for Life is a movement born out of love. You love your families, you love your neighbors, you love our nation, and you love every child, born and unborn, because you believe that every life is sacred, that every child is a precious gift from God.”

“We know that life is the greatest miracle of all,” said the president. Pausing a moment to thank everyone who advocates for life, Trump quoted the march’s theme, “Love saves lives.”

“As you all know, Roe vs. Wade has resulted in some of the most permissive abortion laws anywhere in the world,” he said. “For example, in the United States, it’s one of only seven countries to allow elective late-term abortions, along with China, North Korea and others.” Citing some states’ permission of abortions to occur even in the ninth month, he said such laws are “wrong” and have to “change.”

“Under my administration, we will always defend the very first right in the Declaration of Independence, and that is the right to life,” vowed Trump. After touting the positive direction economically for the country, Trump noted Congress’ work to eliminate late-term abortions, his dedication to protecting religious liberty, and his move to defund some abortion providers.

“Most important of all,” he said “is the gift of life itself. That is why we march, that is why we pray, that is why we declare that America’s future will be filled with goodness, peace, joy, dignity and life for every child of God.”

WATCH (video via NBC News):

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