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WATCH: Trump SLAMS Media For Not Covering March For Life

On Saturday, the mainstream media was enamored with the feminists—some dressed as giant vaginas—marching in the Women’s March on Washington to oppose the hours-old president. Every station, every newspaper was plastered with coverage of the “historic” and “monumental” march, which advocated for government-funded birth control and abortion. Powerful stuff.

And as noted by many conservatives, the media enchantment over the Women’s March was simply astonishing in contrast to the massive annual pro-life march on Washington, the March for Life, which has never seen even a fraction of such coverage.

President Trump made note of this glaring bias while speaking to ABC’s David Muir. And it was spectacular. Watch:

Video: On #POTUSonABC @realDonaldTrump scolded @DavidMuir about media’s record of not covering #MarchforLife #TTT

— Brent Baker (@BrentHBaker) January 26, 2017

“Could you hear the voices from the women’s march, here in Washington?” Muir predictably asked.

“No, I couldn’t hear them, but crowds were large, but you’re gonna have a large crowd on Friday, which is mostly pro-life people… You will have a very large crowd of people—I don’t know, as large or larger, some people say it’s going to be larger—pro-life people, and they say the press doesn’t cover them,” said Trump.

And Trump is deadly accurate here. According to a Media Research Center analysis, the big three networks, ABC, NBC and CBS, covered the Women’s March on Washington 129 times more than last year’s March for Life.

Muir was taken aback, befuddled about how to retort the truth President Trump just served up to him.

“Well, I don’t want to compare crowd sizes,” deflected Muir.

So Trump smacked him again: “You shouldn’t,” he said, “but they do say that the press doesn’t cover them.”

It’s a mystery why the Totally Objective Media would cover a massive pro-abortion march and a massive pro-life march so differently. Things that make you go hmm.

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