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WATCH: Trump Has Room Rolling At Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

President Donald Trump, who has long been accused by the Left and the mainstream media of being a bigoted racist, particularly against the Hispanic community, gave an enthusiastic and entertaining speech at the White House Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration in which he praised the people of the community who are lawmakers, family members, and honored those serving in the military.

“Hispanic Americans embody American values: devotion to faith and family, commitment to hard work, enterprise and community service, and a fierce patriotic pride,” he said. “Throughout all 50 states, Hispanic Americans enrich our nation in countless way, from small businesses to support our neighborhoods, and to innovations that improve our lives, and through military service that protects our people and our great American flag.”

He added, “We share our gratitude for all the ways Hispanic Americans make our country flourish and prosper. These are incredible people.”

The president also commended the Hispanic Americans serving in the public sector and in government, saying, “You inspire our entire nation. And I want to let you know that personally.”

He also took time to honor those Hispanic Americans who serve in the Armed Forces.

“We especially thank the quarter of a million Hispanic Americans who serve in our military and serve well,” he said, as well as the “1.5 million Hispanic veterans.”

Trump made sure to spend some time touting his economic plan, citing statistics that show that the Hispanic unemployment rate has reached an all-time low and that the community household median income has gained by 3.7% “for the first time ever in history.”

“These are very hard numbers to beat. I better win the Hispanics next time, right,” he joked.

Throughout the speech, which was marked by a playful back and forth between the president and the audience, Trump was occasionally interrupted by the crowd shouting, “Four more years” or “We love you, Mr. Trump!”

You can watch the speech below:

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