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WATCH: Trump Forced To Remind CNN’s Acosta To ‘Be Nice, Be Respectful’

By  James Barrett

CNN’s Jim Acosta has figured out a way to distinguish himself from his fellow White House reporters by cranking his “look at me” level to 11. During the summit between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Monday, Acosta was at it again, shouting questions from afar repeatedly, including while Trump was in the middle of the historic signing ceremony.

Over the course of the day, Costa’s antics became so obnoxious that at one point Trump actually had to remind him to be “nice” and “respectful.”

“Be nice. Be respectful,” said Trump in a moment tweeted out by CNN, which is apparently proud of the actions of its reporter.

“I’ll be very respectful, sir,” says a momentarily chastened Acosta.

Having pledged to play nice, Acosta asked his question: “Um, what did Kim Jong Un say to you to give you the confidence that for once in the history of North Korea, they are not cheating the system and gaming the world and gaming the people who will have to go in and make sure they are actually giving up their nuclear arsenal?”

(Boy, we sure could have benefited by more questions like that over the Iran deal.)

Trump responded by taking a dig at the Clinton administration, who he said handed North Korea billions of dollars with nothing to show for it.

Watch (via Twitchy):

In case you missed Acosta’s not so “respectful” behavior earlier in the day, here’s one moment highlighted by The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra:

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