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WATCH: In True Marxist Style, Democrats Pit Young People Against Old

By  DC

In a campaign ad called “They’re doing fine, are you?” Democrat activists urge millennials to vote by using elderly actors to portray Trump voters talking down to young people.

“Dear young people,” the ad begins with close-ups of white, wrinkled faces of the obviously rich. “Don’t vote. Everything’s fine the way it is.”

“Trump, that was us. He’s our guy.”

“Tax cuts for the rich? Hell yeah, I’m rich as f***.”

“Climate change? That’s a ‘you’ problem. I’ll be dead soon.”

This is how the Left rolls. It divides people not by focusing on differences in principles or ideas, but by using identity politics — race, sex, and, a new favorite, age. The video was created by the Knock the Vote movement, which was started by ACRONYM, self-proclaimed as “the largest digital program focused on electing Democrats to state legislative seats across the country.”

The video’s satirical message is scathing and divisive — that old people don’t care about the young, that they’re selfish hags who want to destroy the planet for a buck, and they all vote for Trump.

Democrats are the pot calling the kettle black when they say Trump is dividing the nation. Democrat leftists are experts at it. This is why they don’t typically debate. They don’t engage in rational discussion about their ideas. They seek and destroy through division, warring one group against another to achieve their ends.

They don’t care that chaos is the result, that these broken relationships destroy the civil society that stabilizes our nation. They care about one thing—power. And they divide and conquer to get it.

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