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WATCH: Trans Activists Explode On Liberal City Council For Allowing Police In Government Building While Honoring Trans Folks: ‘You F*** With People’s Hearts’
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City council members in liberal Olympia, Washington, were scolded last month by transgender activists for allowing police officers to work as security in a government building that was paying tribute to transgender people on “Trans Remembrance Day.”

One activist, Amy Heart, claimed police officers “kill” trans “families” and “make it unsafe to live,” while others used profanity to call out city council members for allegedly only pretending to care about their existence and pain.

“I am profoundly ashamed that city hall is willing to sponsor a ‘Trans Day of Remembrance’ lighting in a building that has police, that has humans who are not on the side of the liberation of my sisters and my children,” said Heart, who is male-to-female transgender.

“You are telling me, you’re gonna light up city hall to honor black and brown trans women? You’re gonna light-up a city hall that has police, and police are part of the problem,” Heart continued. “They kill my families, they make it unsafe to live.”

“I urge you, next year, to not involve the police, to not light up your building and put your money where your mouth is and save my sisters,” the activist concluded.

Next, transgender activist Lawrence Walker took to the podium to speak to city council members.

“I am a person that values hearing out people’s pain and talking to their hearts, and I feel like the people here at city hall, you don’t do that,” claimed Walker. “You f*** with people’s hearts.”

Walker was asked to refrain from cursing since the meeting was being live-streamed to local families’ homes. This only further agitated Walker.

“My point is, like, like, you didn’t care what I just said,” Walker told the city council, “which proves my point. You’re not listening to my frustration and pain having to deal with people like you who are worrying about what I’m saying, instead of like, or how I’m saying it, instead of what I’m saying.”

“Just like, the illusions of this meeting. Like, this s***’s nice, right? You get people in a room, they come to you with their problems, you say you care but you don’t really do anything about it,” the activist accused. “We go home, we come back again, there’s no solutions.”

“I hope, but I’m very hopeless, in change, especially when it’s in the hands of people like you on this board,” Walker said. “I hope that you will be able to hear our pain and we can have a meeting point in getting the peace we wanna see in the world.”

“And I would like, also, to like not have the police involved with any sort of lighting involving like any trans women … really, anyone,” Walker added.

Another transgender activist, going by the name “The Royal Majesty,” shamed city council for “co-opting the symbols of my trans and gay siblings while also having those very same symbols protected by people (police) who are meant to eliminate us.”

“I am beyond angry, I’m furious,” said The Royal Majesty. “I’m furious that this town even has the nerve to claim progressivism, even though we all know progressivism is proto-fascism, anyway.”

“I hope when you go home at night, to your comfortable house, to your middle class lives, where you have to worry about nothing, that you think of me and that it hurts you terribly,” concluded The Royal Majesty. “That is all that I can hope for, since I don’t have hope for much else.”


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