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WATCH: The Rock Posts Lengthy Message To Trump: ‘Where Are You?’
"The Titan Games Premiere" Episode 201/202 -- Pictured: Dwayne Johnson -- (Photo by: Steve Dietl/NBC)
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In a video posted on his Instagram account on Wednesday, WWF superstar-turned-A-list actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson directed a message to President Trump amid the wave of social unrest literally ripping apart America’s cities: “Where are you?”

In this “explosive moment, where our country is down on its knees,” Johnson tells Trump, the country needs a “compassionate leader” who will “reach out” to protesters and declare “black lives matter.” The actor also points to “military force” being deployed, saying, “Looters, yes. Criminals, absolutely. But on protesters who are begging and pleading, on protesters who are in pain…?”

“Our country is crippled and on its knees, begging to be heard and pleading for change,” Johnson wrote in a post hashtagged “Black Lives Matter and “Normalize Equality” that includes an 8-minute video message to Trump (post below). “Where is our compassionate leader? The leader who unifies and inspires our country at our most painful time when we need it the most. The leader who steps up and takes full accountability for our country and embraces every color in it. The leader who picks our country up off its knees and says you have my word — we got this — and together, change will happen. Where are you? Because we’re all here. Maybe one day that galvanizing leader will emerge. Either way, the process to change has already begun.”

“Where are you?” Johnson states at the beginning of the video message. “Where is our leader at this time? At this time when our country is down on its knees, begging, pleading, hurt, angry, frustrated, in pain — begging and pleading with its arms out, just wanting to be heard, begging and pleading and praying for change. Where are you?

“Where is our compassionate leader who’s going to step up to our country — who’s down on its knees — and extend a hand and say, ‘You stand up, stand up with me, stand up with mne because I got you. I got you. I got you, I hear, I’m listening to you. And you have my word that I’m going to do everything in my power until my dying death, my last breath, to do everything I can to create the change that is needed. Normalize equality because black lives matter.'”

“Where are you?” Johnson continues.” It’s that same compassionate leader who has to come back and readdress the country, to give important context, to give important perspective on the comments that were just made—of course all lives matter, every single one, all lives matter, because we as Americans believe in inclusivity, we believe in acceptance, we believe in civil rights, we believe in equality for all, that’s what we believe in. So, of course, all lives matter.

“But in this moment right now, this defining, pivotal, explosive moment, where our country is down on its knees — the floorboards of our country are becoming unhinged. In this moment, we must say the words: black lives matter,” says the actor.

“Where are you? Because here’s what happens when you extend a hand and you reach out to Americans who are in pain, and they stand with you… The entire country stands and rises as well,” he says.

After a lengthy pause, Johnson states: “There is military force that has been deployed, on our own people. Looters, yes. Criminals, absolutely. But on protesters who are begging and pleading, on protesters who are in pain…?”

The Rock goes on to say that the president would be “surprised” how people would respond if he said “I care about you.”


(Watch the video on Instagram here.)

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