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WATCH: Ted Cruz Offers Look Behind The Scenes On Impeachment, Explains How Dems Quickly Revealed They’re ‘Playing Games’
"Verdict with Ted Cruz"
Courtesy Verdict with Ted Cruz

In the first episode of a new podcast series, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) peels back the curtain on the impeachment trial, offering Americans a glimpse at more than just the political theater put on for the cameras and giving his perspective on the process as both a senator-juror and a constitutional lawyer.

Asked by co-host Michael Knowles, host of The Daily Wire’s “Michael Knowles Show,” about some of his big takeaways from day one of the trial, Cruz noted that while the Democratic impeachment managers started off putting on a pretty good show, they soon devolved into “lecturing” senators and Americans, alike — and they also managed to immediately expose themselves as playing political games rather than trying to seriously get to the truth (video below).

In a discussion about the Democrats attempting to remove the judiciary in the impeachment process, particularly in connection to executive privilege — the issue at the heart of the Democrats’ “obstruction of Congress” allegation, one of the two charges the Democrat-majority House brought against Trump without a single Republican vote — Cruz pointed to the Democrats’ reversal on the testimony of a key White House official as evidence that the Democrats are just “playing games.”

“The best way to understand it is look at John Bolton,” said Cruz. “A lot of the argument today was about John Bolton, [former] national security adviser to the president. House Democrats said, ‘We want John Bolton to testify.'”

“And John Bolton did something very interesting and, I think, very clever,” Cruz continued. “John Bolton’s lawyer went to a federal court in D.C. and filed a pleading that said, ‘Judge, my client has two conflicting obligations: House Democrats have asked him to testify, but the White House has exerted executive privilege that said he can’t testify.’ And his lawyer said, ‘My client doesn’t know what to do. So, Your Honor, he’ll do whatever you tell him to do. We put ourselves at the mercy of the court. You, judge, tell John Bolton what he should do.'”

“The next step is remarkable,” said Cruz. “You know what the House Democrats did? They said never mind.” The House Democrats withdrew the subpoena for Bolton’s deputy and told the judge that they were not going to subpoena Bolton as a witness, Cruz explained.

“And then they get to the Senate and the first thing they want to do is subpoena John Bolton,” Cruz said. “They literally passed on it in the House.”

What the Democrats just revealed, the senator explained, is that they are not willing to use the proper legal method to get to the truth. Instead, they want to put on a show for the public decrying the “unfairness” of the process in front of the cameras in the Senate.

The reason, Cruz underscored, is that the Democrats know they do not have a case for their two impeachment articles, neither of which specifies an actual crime and both of which fail to rise to the definition of “high crime or misdemeanor,” as required by the Constitution.

Video of the full episode below:

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