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WATCH: Students At UCLA Asked How High The Minimum Wage Should Be

By  Frank Camp

On Wednesday, PragerU uploaded a video in which Will Witt asks students at UCLA about the minimum wage.

When Witt asked how high the minimum wage should be, the answers from students ranged from $15 an hour to $25 an hour.

As Witt continued to suggest further increases, going as high as $45 an hour, one student asked: “Where do you draw the line? That’s the question.” He then agreed to $45.

However, the student noted that when his former job raised the wage to $11 an hour, the company cut employee hours to compensate.

Witt then asked two students if everyone should have the same base salary, even if some people work harder than others. One stated that while such a situation doesn’t seem fair, the base salary should remain the same. The other seemed to get Witt’s reasoning, ultimately saying that such a system would be “silly” because the business would be “wasting their own resources” on an employee that is losing them money.

Witt replied: “That’s what a minimum wage is.”

Check out the entire video here:

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