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WATCH: Students Offered $100 To Name Just One Time Conservatives Shut Down A Progressive Campus Speaker

On Tuesday, Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips spoke with students at the University of Georgia to see if any of them could name a single time conservatives “shut down a liberal speaker on campus” like progressives often shut down conservative speakers.

Phillips even sweetened the pot, offering a cool $100 to anyone who could provide a sufficient answer.

After numerous pauses and searching expressions, none could provide an answer. However, two exchanges were illuminating.

No. 1

STUDENT: I don’t know. I think everybody kind of thinks because they lean conservative, they’re kind of closed-minded, so that they, you know, they’re just single issue.

PHILLIPS: Isn’t it closed-minded to shut them down then?

STUDENT: Oh yeah, yeah, completely.

No. 2

STUDENT: I just think people are a bit more open on the liberal side.

PHILLIPS: If it’s about being open-minded, and one side being more open-minded, wouldn’t you say it’s the conservative side that’s more open-minded if they’re not rioting and trying to shut down events from liberal speakers?

STUDENT: Um, yeah. I mean, I think it’s both sides.

Later in the video, two students attempt to push back, arguing that progressive views are “more palatable” and “less hate-fueled.” Another student claimed that Phillips’ argument was a “red herring,” then backtracked, then couldn’t articulate why he disagreed with Phillips.

Watch the entire video here:

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