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WATCH Student Activists Douse Themselves In Fake Blood to Protest Conservative Speech

A conservative talk at Rutgers University Tuesday turned into a bloodbath, literally.

Black Lives Matter and feminist activists crashed a speech by pro-Trump Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who had invaded their liberal safe space to discuss “How the Progressive Left Is Destroying Education,” the first in a series of talks on his “Dangerous Faggot Tour.”

The Young Americans for Liberty-sponsored event was disrupted when female activists wearing black shirts stood up and started smearing fake blood on their faces. Others, likewise wearing black, stood up and held a single fist in their air, an action clearly supposed to invoke the Black Panthers terrorist group (which has made some headlines as of late).

When the activists began to chant “Black Lives Matter!” the sizeable crowd in the auditorium began their own counter-chant of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” The pro-Trump chant ultimately drowned out the activists’ protests.

After the feminist and racial activists finally walked out of the auditorium, most of them flicking birds to the conservative students, they took their protest outside, but not before creating some havoc.

“Walls, seats, and doors were also vandalised by the protesters,” reports Breitbart. “Peaceful attendees who had come to hear a speech instead found themselves splashed with the fake blood. At least one attendee was allegedly assaulted by a protester, who covered him in red paint.”

Despite the “unruly chaos,” event organizer Aviv Khavich said the whole thing was a “huge success” and major “leap for free speech” on the campus:

We knew from the get-go that there would be protests. That wasn’t a surprise. Milo is obviously a very controversial character and protests sort of come as a given. What we didn’t expect was the sheer level of unruly chaos that the protesters brought, or that so many of them would be able to make it into the audience. We didn’t expect them to cover themselves, the building and others in red paint to protest some vague idea of Milo being “hateful.” They were misinformed, if at all informed, on Milo’s stances, and they were incredibly unwise in their choice of action.

The event was obviously a huge success. The protests brought even larger publicity, and there were at least a thousand people milling about Scott Hall last night. Fans, protesters, police, the press. An admin from KnowYourMeme even showed up. Milo got shouted over a bunch, which was unfortunate, but it really served to just prove exactly the purpose of his speech: modern leftism is poisoning debate and thought at universities. You can’t even bring a harmless gay man to speak without an enormous shouting match erupting. Black Lives Matter will not benefit from this appearance, just like they did not benefit from their poor exhibition at the Dartmouth library. People are going to see them for the vitriolic hate group they are–they were assaulting people, harassing people, vandalizing the walls and floors.

We’re going to see a lot of people intellectually disowning BLM after this event. So, yes Milo at Rutgers was a huge leap for free speech and for challenging progressivism on university campuses.

Read Breitbart’s full report here. Here’s the audio of Yiannopoulos’ speech: