WATCH: Stop Believing The Lies From Hamas

By  PragerU
Bassem Eid

For the latest PragerU 5-minute video, Palestinian political analyst Bassem Eid explains how Hamas keeps the Palestinian people in misery — all while blaming Israel for the people’s own suffering. 

For starters, says Eid, no matter what anyone says, Hamas isn’t a social justice movement. It is a criminal gang that has not achieved anything on behalf of Palestinians and has a comprehensive track record of lying. 

“They told you that the Israelis were evicting innocent Palestinians from their homes in the Sheik Jarrah area of East Jerusalem,” says Eid.

But as Eid notes, the Palestinians who were living there were actually squatting and hadn’t paid rent for decades. 

“They told you that the Israelis planned to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque,” continues Eid.

But that mosque is still there.

“It will be there tomorrow. Say what you want about the Israelis, they are not stupid. They know that if they actually attempt to destroy Al Aqsa, it would lead to war with every Muslim country,” he says. 

Despite its authority, Hamas has no desire or capacity to perform the basic functions of government. 

“The water isn’t safe to drink; the power goes out for hours at a time; raw sewage washes up on your beaches. The Israelis are not responsible for these dismal failures—Hamas is. And everybody in Gaza knows it,” says Eid. 

“It is Hamas that steals the imported cement meant to build houses for you and uses it instead to build a massive network of tunnels from which it hopes to terrorize Israelis. It is Hamas that makes sure humanitarian aid meant for you is diverted to its favored elites who then sell it for a profit on the black market,” he continues. 

Hamas stations rocket launchers in populated areas, using civilians as human shields for its operations. Israel, on the other hand, uses rocket launchers to defend people.

“It fires missiles at the most highly populated regions of Israel, with no specific target. Yet, I know from my sources in Gaza that as much as 25 percent of all rockets launched by Hamas in May 2021 crashed within Gaza. Fifty Gaza civilians were killed by these rockets, their deaths falsely blamed on Israel,” he says. 

Any money Westerners send to “rebuild Gaza” doesn’t actually improve the situation, says Eid.

“Who do you think will get that money? It won’t be you—the people who really deserve it and need it—it will be the leaders of the Hamas gang and their friends who will add new rooms to their fancy villas rather than rebuild homes, purchase coronavirus vaccines, or provide social services for their people,” he says. 


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