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WATCH: SNL Mocks ‘Morning Joe’ And Michael Wolff In Hilarious Skit

By  Jacob Airey

“Saturday Night Live” is not exactly known for their bipartisan comedy. This past weekend, however, they took a moment to hilariously poke fun at MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and the mainstream media as a whole for humoring Michael Wolff over his book “Fire And The Fury” in the cold open.

Alex Moffat, Kate McKinnon, and Fred Armisen played Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Wolff respectively in the segment. It opens by teasing Scarborough and Brzezinski about their on-screen chemistry as they rudely interrupt their guests, talk over each other, and descend into highly inappropriate flirtation before bringing on Wolff as their special guest.

When “Mika” asks “Wolff” if he left anything out of the book, he descends into a comedic rant about how Trump performs “baby races” in the Oval Office.

“Wolff” declares, “There were baby races. Trump would ask to have two babies placed in his office, usually of different races. Someone would put a bowl of Goldfish crackers at the other side of the room. Trump would say, ‘A thousand bucks on the black one.'”

“Joe” then asks questions about the accuracy of the book to which “Wolff” replies, “You read it, right? And you liked it? You had fun? What’s the problem? You got the gist, so shut up. Even the stuff that’s not true was true.”

Bill Murray makes a surprise guest appearance as Steve Bannon, who seems to be out of work, though he is in denial.

“The Bannon magic is still out there,” he declares. “Steve Bannon, the Bannon Cannon! Magic! Magic! Magic! Magic! Magic! Magic!”

“Bannon” adds, “The Bannon dynasty is dawning!”

The skit even poked fun at a potential Oprah run for the White House with Leslie Jones portraying the wealthy celebrity.

Usually, SNL descends into the tiresome one-sided mocking of conservatives and family values, but this skit diverted from the routine and managed to land the jokes with satisfying timing.

Watch the skit below:

(H/T Chicks On The Right)

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