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WATCH: ‘Sex Worker’ Joins In On Hysteria Over Georgia’s Pro-Life ‘Heartbeat Bill’ With Unhinged Rant

Over the weekend, a sex worker who fancies herself a model and dancer joined in on the hysteria over Georgia’s H.B. 481 — the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act, also known as the “heartbeat bill” — which will make it illegal to murder babies who have detectable heartbeats via abortion.

Joining in the chorus of the Hollywood moral paragons — Alyssa Milano, Amy Schumer, Alec Baldwin, and company — who have threatened to boycott the state if Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) were to sign the pro-life legislation, sex worker Asuka Cortez posted an unhinged video to social media on Saturday. The video, which is a decent representation of the Left’s euphemism-riddled misinformation campaign concerning all things abortion, quickly garnered attention online.

“Guys, guys — do you not see what’s happening? Georgia is literally about to pass a bill, or they’ve already passed a bill, where as soon as a fetus has a heartbeat, or it is detected, you cannot get an abortion,” says a frantic Cortez.

Then the hysterics, admitted ignorance, and factual inaccuracies really heat up:

“Do you not realize that the earliest you can detect a pregnancy is at four to six weeks, I believe,” she continues. “The heart starts beating by week three — I haven’t looked at the facts — but the heartbeat can be detected way earlier than you guys are realizing. I don’t think you guys are realizing big of a f***ing deal this is. And, like, how terrifying this is for women around the world.”

This information is incorrect. Women can find out they are pregnant as early as eight days after conception. Even by Planned Parenthood’s own admission, per their website, women can find out they are pregnant even before their missed period: “You can take a pregnancy test as soon as your period is late. Some pregnancy tests even work a few days before a missed period. Read the label on the pregnancy test box to see when the test may become effective,” the site reads.

Moreover, a child’s heart begins beating at around five weeks, though it is typically detected around six weeks’ gestation time — not three weeks, as the sex worker offered.

Cortez then repeatedly, and perhaps unintentionally, highlights that unborn babies are indeed unborn babies, breaking from the euphemisms so often spewed by the pro-abortion Left. As is likely the case with Cortez, it’s hard to refer to an unborn baby as a “clump of cells” when the legislation in question is centered around that “clump of cell’s” beating heart. However, she chillingly still continues to advocate for the murder of such pre-born humans. Also, she oddly asserts that her bodily “anatomy” is being taken from her. It seems Cortez confused the abortion talking point about bodily autonomy (which is also flawed because the unborn baby in question has its own unique DNA at conception).

In tears, she continues, “Like, you guys, don’t realized, my body anatomy is being taken from me. If I don’t want to have a f***ing child in me, I should not have to have that f***ing child in me. And this should not be up for debate. This shouldn’t be something that legislators in House seats that don’t even have a womb or ovaries should be able to decide. We have to fix this, guys. This is a really big deal.”

Cortez’s highly emotional, factually incorrect, and inconsistent rant is unfortunately common with women who fall for the lies perpetuated by those with a pro-abortion agenda, such as lucrative “non-profit” bigwigs over at taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, Democratic lawmakers, and Hollywood elites.