WATCH: Secret Service Tackles Protester Who Gets Too Close To Biden’s Motorcade
U.S. President Joe Biden waves from his motorcade after arriving on Marine One on the Ellipse near the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 President Joe Biden's highlighted his $174 billion proposal to transform the automobile industry in a visit to a Ford Motor Co. plant in Michigan on Tuesday, even as a global chip shortage hinders production. Photographer: Oliver Contreras/Sipa/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Oliver Contreras/Sipa/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A U.S. Secret Service agent tackled a protester with a bullhorn when she approached President Joe Biden’s motorcade in Los Angeles, California — en route to his appearance with late night host Jimmy Kimmel — and apparently got a little bit too close for their comfort.

The woman, who was wearing a long, olive-green dress and carrying a bag over her shoulder, walked straight into the street and toward the motorcade — prompting some onlookers to shout their concern that one of the vehicles might strike her.

FOX LA reporter Hailey Winslow captured video of what happened when the Secret Service determined she had crossed the line.


“She’s gonna get hit by a car,” one onlooker warned as the woman approached the middle of the road.

Several vehicles drove past her, and then from the right side of the frame, one Secret Service agent charged her. He caught her by the shoulders, pushing her first away from the line of cars and then down to the ground.

As he took her down, someone else could be heard yelling, “Get off her!”

“Watch my back, watch my back,” one officer shouted, prompting another to respond, “I got you, go ahead.”

The woman on the ground continued to buck and kick, screaming at the Secret Service agent and ripping off his hat and glasses, throwing them to the side.

Several other agents moved in to push the gathering crowd back, establishing a perimeter around the agent who was still attempting to subdue the protester on the ground.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” another woman yelled as officers signaled for her to back away.

“Stop resisting! I’m Secret Service,” the officer on the ground told the protester, who continued to struggle and fight. She arched her back suddenly, pitching them both onto the pavement again — but he maintained control. “Secret service, stop resisting,” he said again.

After nearly a full minute, he got her to where she was lying flat on her stomach on the street, and called for handcuffs.

“Get the f*** off me!” she yelled. “Get the f*** off me!”

And as the cuffs locked her hands behind her back, she shouted, “An abortion ban will not stop abortions! Only safe ones! Women are going to die! They’re going to die!”

A second video showed the takedown from a different angle:

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