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WATCH: Samantha Bee Tells 2020 Underdogs To ‘Stop Wasting Your Time’

By  Paul Bois

Comedienne Samantha Bee has already elected to play the entitlement game by trying to bully the 2020 underdogs into dropping out of the race, rather than just letting the American people decide themselves after a few debates.

In a segment on her show “Full Frontal” Tuesday night, the former “Daily Show” correspondent blasted the Democratic outliers — people like Texas Rep. Julian Castro, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Montana Governor Steve Bullock — for running despite having approximately zero chance at winning the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Of course, in her long tradition of keeping classy, Bee even employed some profanity.

“With 20 candidates set to take the stage, you’d think that the Democratic Party is just letting anyone in, but in reality, there are some candidates who didn’t make the cutoff, such as Montana governor and the man who will sell your house today, Steve Bullock,” Bee said. “Bullock is currently polling around zero percent because no one knows who the f*** he is.”

Samantha Bee believed that Bullock would do better if he ran for U.S. Senate from Montana, which currently has one Republican and Democrat. Again, she employed more profanity to drive home her point.

“But even though he is a pointless presidential candidate, Bullock is pretty popular in his home state,” Bee continued. “In the same year Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 20 points in Montana, Bullock actually won against his Republican opponent by four points. Which brings me to make a delicate request; Run for Senate G***amnit! Bullock is just one of many Democrats wasting his time in a presidential race who could be way more useful running for something else. You’d think people would be lining up to run for Senate.”

Except for the fact that Montana’s single Republican U.S. senator — Steve Daines — enjoys a high approval rating alongside the moderate Governor Bullock. It would be entirely imprudent of Bullock to face off against Daines in the upcoming election, possibly torpedoing the Democrats’ stranglehold on the Montana governorship. If anything, his run for president would likely bolster popularity among his Montana supporters and secure his re-election.

After taking her swipes at Bullock, Bee put her sights on former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for recently saying that he does not find the prospects of running for the U.S. Senate very attractive at this point in time.

“It doesn’t attract you?” Bee said. “Well, 99.7 percent of Democratic presidential voters aren’t attracted to you! John Hickenlooper, run for Senate! Colorado’s Cory Gardner is one of the most vulnerable GOP senators this year. You have a good shot against him! And you literally have a 0.3% shot of being nominated for president.”

Bee argued that, although the Senate might be a thankless vocational pursuit, Democrats need a majority to prevent another Trump SCOTUS pick.

“Look, I totally get why you wouldn’t want to be in the Senate. You have to do painful things like craft legislation that never goes anywhere and see Chuck Schumer in the gym,” she continued. “But the Senate is really important. We need Democrats who understand voters in places like Colorado and Montana. Otherwise, the next Supreme Court justice will probably just be a Bible taped to a mop handle.”

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