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WATCH: Rosie O’Donnell Leads 100% ‘Woke’ Broadway Singalong To Protest Trump

By  James

Led by Trump critic Rosie O’Donnell, a group of Broadway performers gathered outside of the White House on Monday night for a “woke” singalong in protest of her nemesis and the “Lyin’ King,” President Donald Trump.

The singalong was part of an apparently perpetual protest of Trump, which has now lasted for more than three weeks with no end in sight. Thus far, O’Donnell’s appearance has been the most significant of the protest’s contributions to posterity.

“Let the president know in no uncertain terms that we are alive, awake and we are woke,” O’Donnell declared to the crowd, The Hill reports. “We hope to give you a nice little show and remind you that your voice is important. Whether it’s here in Washington, D.C., or in the town where you live, let your voice be heard.”

The Hill provides a partial playlist of the singalong protest: “America the Beautiful” as the warm-up, followed by a bunch of crowd favorites, including, Les Miserables‘ “Do You Hear the People Sing?,” Hair‘s “Let The Sun Shine In,” and The Sound of Music‘s “Climb Ev’ry Mountain.”

Among the messages on the signs and banners the group of performers held were “Lyin’ King,” “Lock Him Up!” and “TREASON.” One of the favorite chants of the group: “Putin’s puppet!”

The director and co-organizer was SiriusXM’s “On Broadway” host, Seth Rudetsky.

The Hill quotes a couple of the event’s other big names, including a woman who told Scott Pruitt to resign a few days ago and Jim Obergefell, the plaintiff in Obergefell v. Hodges, which enshrined same-sex marriage. Obergefell renounced Trump as “not my president” and described him as “a threat to every marginalized community.” He had something similar to say about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh; in fact, he had the exact same thing to say about him: “He is a danger to every marginalized community.”

Unfortunately for everyone involved the important event, Trump wasn’t even home Monday. But if “Fox & Friends” covers it, maybe he’ll hear about it later.

The bitter, ugly and often entertaining public feud between O’Donnell and Trump captured the headlines during the 2016 debate when Megyn Kelly famously asked Trump about his use of harsh language like “fat pigs,” “dogs,” “slobs” and “disgusting animals” to describe some women. Trump famously replied, “Only Rosie O’Donnell,” to both gasps and applause from the audience.

Here’s some footage of O’Donnell’s “woke” singalong:

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