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WATCH: The #Resistance Shows Up For ‘Stormy Daniels Day’ Celebration. They’re Clueless.

On Wednesday, reporter Austin Fletcher, AKA Fleccas, hit the streets of West Hollywood for “Stormy Daniels Day” to tap into the political insights of the #Resistance. As you might suspect, those who are “resisting” President Donald Trump and celebrating a porn star who allegedly had a one night stand with a married Trump in 2006 aren’t quite sure what exactly they are resisting. They are, however, certain that vicious MS-13 gang members are not “animals.”

Fleccas started by asking those in West Hollywood if they thought Stormy was worthy of receiving keys to the city.

“She and her lawyer are doing a really good job of exposing Trump,” said one man, who added that Trump “is murder for us.”

Stormy “is accepted, and people look up to her, and they appreciate her for what she’s done,” said one female.

“Listen, it’s 2018, ‘King Trump’ is the president and what better way to bring him down than this?” said another anti-Trumper. “He’s just a crook, man. This makes perfect sense.”

When asked about President Trump calling MS-13 gang members “animals,” they defended MS-13.

“I think he’s a pig,” said one woman of Trump, who in her next breath said that MS-13 members “are not animals at all, they are human being like all of us.”

“I think he’s criticizing his own American people,” said another.

Others said that not all members of the gang are animals. “It’s a big gang,” rationalized one man.

Another man compared Trump to the gang members. “You smell your own, I guess,” he said.

For context, MS-13, comprised mainly of illegal and legal immigrants from El Salvador, is known for human trafficking and human sacrifices, gang rapes, and gruesome murders. In February, three such members infamously laughed and smiled for the cameras while on trial for the murder of two teen females as the victims’ families sat in the same court room. The group’s motto is “Kill, rape, control.”

Fleccas also caught up with CNN’s latest obsession, Michael Avenatti, who is representing Stormy. Avenatti was pressed by Fleccas about his mysterious funding. The lawyer claimed he was funded through Crowd Justice. Avenatti also dismissed questions about his personal debt and owing back taxes.


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