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WATCH: Proof That Freedom of Speech is Dead on College Campuses

By  Amanda

A video posted to YouTube on Tuesday shows that after “somebody” on campus complained about being offended by speech offered-up by a preacher standing off campus, an officer from the University of Texas at Austin issued a citation to said preacher.

On the video, the officer explains that he is writing up the preacher for offending students and explicitly says, multiple times, “It’s illegal to offend people.”

Yes, he actually said, “It’s illegal to offend people.”

According to the Daily Caller, the preacher was an intern with Campus Ministry USA “speaking out against STDs, warning against anal sex.” The university explained that “the officer was responding to students who claimed to be ‘verbally harassed’ by the intern-preacher.”

Three officers end up facilitating the writing of a citation for the preacher for disorderly conduct on video while the offender calmly asks for an explanation. What unfolds is truly unbelievable.

First, the main officer featured in the video says that “we had somebody offended by the gestures you were making.” He acknowledges that the preacher was “not on campus,” but says he was “offending students on the campus.”

“Does freedom of speech protect offensive speech?” asks the preacher.

The stunning answer from the officer: “It doesn’t matter freedom of speech, someone was offended, that’s against the law.”

“Sorry, can you say that again? It’s against the law to offend somebody?” the preacher asks in disbelief.

“Yes. Yes,” he adamantly answers without hesitation.

The officer cites the words “anus” and “penis” when asked about what specifically was offensive.

The preacher asks, “So there will be a hearing for me using the word anus and penis in public?”

“The judge will take care of it,” answers another officer.

“We write so many of them, I can’t answer that question for you,” explains one of the officers after the preacher asks how many other times they have written someone up for “offending” someone.

Amazingly, the officer then tells the preacher that he can in fact preach, he just can’t “be offensive,” because, after all, this offensiveness was what “triggered” him to write the citation in the first place.

The assault on the First Amendment is in full swing on college and university campuses across the nation. Perpetually offended students and facility have pushed the narrative that subjectively “offensive” speech should be banned. This run-in on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, where it was truly believed by a campus officer that offensive speech was against the law, is just one example of the manifestation of such a dangerous narrative.

“After a lawyer representing Joshua called the chief of police, the chief called Joshua and apologized. The citation was withdrawn,” reports the Daily Caller. “A university spokesperson confirmed that the citation was later ‘voided,’ adding that the officer who originally responded to the complaint is currently in the training process.”

(Note: Three officers handled the issued citation when all was said and done. There was no mention by the university about the other two officers involved being in the “training process.”)

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