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WATCH: Progressive Author Admits She Wants U.S. Borders To Be Like Open European Borders

By  Frank Camp

On Tuesday’s episode of “Outnumbered” On Fox News, Pete Hegseth asked author Cathy Areu to tell him what the “most hated item” among progressives is regarding immigration policy.

During the exchange between Hegseth, Areu, and Townhall’s Katie Pavlich, Areu admitted that she would like United States border policy to mirror that of Europe’s:

HEGSETH: I’ll channel Tucker for a second – bring me inside the liberal mind here. Is the wall the most hated item that liberals look at today?

AREU: Well, the wall was something that [Trump] campaigned on, and it didn’t come to fruition.

HEGSETH: It’s not over yet. He’s still president; he’s still got multiple years left; he could get re-elected. It’s not over.

AREU: I don’t know if anything will pass because it’s so wonderful to take advantage of 12 million people working so hard – and we don’t have to give them health care, and we don’t have to pay them what they deserve.

HEGSETH: But would you be okay for a wall? Would you be okay with a wall on the southern border?

AREU: No, I think people should have freedoms. I think it should be like Europe; people can travel throughout different countries.

HEGSETH: So there we go, you brought me inside the liberal mind. You want America to be Europe. And Donald Trump doesn’t want America to be Europe; he wants America to be America.

AREU: Well, why not? Mexico and Canada are our neighbors. Why not? Why not?

PAVLICH: The president actually said yesterday that he will not turn America into Europe, and they have had so many problems with their open border policies. So, thank you for admitting to your open border philosophy. A lot of people will not admit that. So, we appreciate your honesty.

Here’s the video (pertinent portion begins at the 31:46 mark):

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