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WATCH: Pro-Aborts Harass, Push Pro-Life Activists: Call Woman ‘Childless B****,’ Brag Cops Won’t Help Them
WARSAW, POLAND - OCTOBER 03: (SOUTH AFRICA AND POLAND OUT) Wwoman with an inscription on her jacket "My body, my choice" participates in the Black Monday, a nationwide women's pro-abortion protest on October 03, 2016 at Swietokrzyska Street in Warsaw, Pol
Photo by Karol Serewis/Gallo Images Poland/Getty Images

In videos first posted by LifeNews, female pro-life sidewalk counselors and activists are seen harassed and forcibly pushed around by pro-abortion activists outside an abortion clinic in Bristol, Tennessee.

Holding a sign with an image of an aborted baby, a pro-life woman is confronted by a pro-abortion activist who repeatedly pushes against the woman’s sign and brags that the cops will not help her. Another activist ridiculed a pro-life woman who was offering to adopt children who are spared by abortion; the pro-abort called the pro-lifer a “childless b****” and told her that she’ll “never” have a baby in her empty womb.

“Stop pushing on my sign,” the pro-lifer tells the abortion activist in a video provided to LifeNews by A Cause for Christ president Sammi Cooper. The incident took place in August.

The pro-abort taunts the woman for being powerless against the harassment and intimidation, daring her to call the cops. “You know what they’ll do? Nothing,” she boasts.

The harassment of pro-life activists outside the abortion facility, according to provided video footage, appears to be persistent since at least August. A Cause for Christ activist Erika Schanzenbach told LifeNews the organization has witnessed “increasingly nasty behavior from the pro-abortion protesters in the past few months.”

“My hope is that God will be glorified as we work to bring the light of His truth to that very dark place. These little ones are my most helpless neighbors, so I go to stand and speak for them,” said Schanzenbach.

Both Cooper and Schanzenbach told the outlet that activists have been harassed, spat on, cursed at, and followed to their vehicles, but local law enforcement has been missing in action.

Life News’ Micaiah Bilger reported further on the video footage:

At two separate points, the woman attempts to walk away, but the pro-abortion escort follows her closely and then begins pushing against the sign again. Later, the pro-abortion escort appears to shove and kick the sign while the woman holds it.

“Stop kicking my sign!” the woman says.

The pro-abortion escort smiles mockingly and replies: “What are you going to do about it? You can’t do anything about it.”

The video also captured a nasty comment from another abortion activist who mocked a supposedly infertile couple standing on the sidewalk offering to adopt a child.

“You childless b****!” the activist can be heard saying. “Absolutely nothing in your womb and nothing ever gonna be in your womb.”


In another captured instance of pro-abortion harassment, a sidewalk counselor is again taunted, mocked, and pushed. Bilger reported:

The protester then mocks the woman after admitting to touching her: “I touched your sign. I didn’t touch you. Is that going to hold up in court? She touched my sign, judge! She touched my sign!”

“You’re physically shoving my body,” the woman replies.

“Well, take me to court,” the protester yells in the woman’s face.

“Don’t spit on me,” the woman responds as the escort continues to yell.

After the woman calls the police, the pro-abortion protester tells her the police will not do anything. “Have they ever done anything about it? No … and the cops aren’t going to tell me to back off either. There’s no personal space law.”