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WATCH: PragerU’s Will Witt Asks New Yorkers If They Have Any Republican Friends

On Wednesday, PragerU uploaded a new video in which Will Witt asks people in New York City’s Washington Square Park if they have any Republican friends.

While nearly everyone to whom Witt spoke said they didn’t know any Republicans, some were more . . . blunt about it. One woman even said, “No, thank God.”

When Witt inquired as to why the participants didn’t have Republican friends in New York, the answers became even more shocking:

“I don’t like that kind of extremism,” said one woman.

Another woman told Witt, “I think that, at least in New York City, it’s a much more liberal city ‘cause there’s so many different, diverse people that you really can’t be very racist or bigoted. …You have to be pretty open-minded.”

Yet another participant got her political parties mixed up: “I don’t know, I feel like people in New York are more open minded, and not as like, ‘Oh, no abortions! No this!’ More just like minding their own business. I don’t know — less wanting to regulate everything.”

The final word on Republican friends was from an NYU student, who said, “We stay away from those people.”

What a tolerant, open-minded group of people!

Check out the entire video here: