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WATCH: People On The Street Asked If Illegal Immigrants Should Be Allowed To Vote

On Wednesday, PragerU uploaded a video in which Will Witt asks people on the streets of San Francisco if illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote. The answers are what one might expect from the residents of such a progressive city.

During one exchange, a woman wearing a pink sweater made a rather revealing statement:

WITT: Do you think illegal aliens in this country, illegal immigrants, should they be allowed to vote?

PINK SWEATER: I don’t believe that people are illegal, so yes.

WITT: Do you think it’s fair, even if they don’t pay into the system, the tax system, they should still be allowed to vote on candidates?

PINK SWEATER: I haven’t paid taxes since 2014 and I still vote, so yes.

That might get her into trouble.

In another exchange, a woman wearing a yellow sweater said she also believes illegal immigrants, by dint of living within the borders of the United States, should be allowed to vote:

You know, I feel like people that are living here, anyone, illegal or not, has a right in their opinion. You know, I don’t know too exact the topic, but I do feel like everyone has a right to vote.

Check out the entire video here: