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WATCH: People On The Street Are Asked If Illegal Immigrants Should Get Free Health Care

By  Frank Camp

On Wednesday, PragerU uploaded a video in which Will Witt asks people at Manhattan Beach if they believe, as California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom does, that illegal immigrants should receive free health care.

When Witt asked a woman wearing a blue visor if illegal immigrants “should get free universal health care in America,” she replied: “I think everyone should have free universal health care everywhere in the world.”

Witt then asked the woman if she believes it’s fair to use taxpayer money in order to pay for the health care of illegal immigrants who aren’t themselves paying into the system. She replied: “Most definitely.”

A woman wearing circular sunglasses stated: “I believe universal health care is a right that every person should have.”

A man wearing a shirt bearing the words “Earned Not Given” also agreed that everyone should get free health care.

The end of the video once again featured the woman in the blue visor saying: “I don’t see a problem with everyone getting higher income and having more taxes.”

Check out the entire video here:

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