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WATCH: NYU Students Slam Trump’s ‘Racist’ SOTU Speech . . . That He Has Yet To Give

Millennials are deeply offended over President Donald Trump’s “racist” State of the Union speech, which he has yet to give.

Campus Reform took to the NYU campus to ask students what they thought about Trump’s address, even though the SOTU was seven days out from the time the video was shot. As you might suspect, the millennials complained about the speech that did not happen, branding it as “racist.”

It’s almost as if they hate Trump without giving him or his policies any real chance.

“Quite racist, at the very least, if not, up there with most racist,” said one female NYU student of Trump’s speech that he hadn’t yet given.

“Very offensive,” said another female student, describing Trump’s nonexistent SOTU remarks on immigration. “It’s something that I wouldn’t have expected to happen in, like, our lifetime.”

“I believe when I’m hearing about his rough nature and the hate that he probably said,” she later added.

“It’s offensive,” said another young lady. “But I’m not shocked by it.”

The same student was asked to pick out one thing from the speech people are most upset about. “Probably immigration going on, with the whole DACA thing and him trying to build a wall,” she answered.

And the best part was when the Campus Reform reporter asked one student if just maybe people are not actually listening to what Trump is saying but just want to “shut it down” because it’s Trump saying it.

“I don’t’ think so,” she said. “I think there are enough progressive and intellectual people that really analyze what he’s saying.”

Yes, thank goodness for the “progressives” and “intellectuals” like those at NYU branding a speech “racist” that has yet to be given.


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