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WATCH: ‘Nonpartisan’ ACLU Spends Over $1 Million In Ads Comparing Kavanaugh To Cosby, Weinstein; Gets Destroyed Online

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

The “nonpartisan” American Civil Liberties Union’s glaring bias is showing again.

Neglecting to even pretend to stand for civil liberties or be neutral about Supreme Court nominees, the ACLU has reportedly spent over $1 million in television ads opposing Brett Kavanaugh, absurdly comparing the judge to Harvey Weinstein, convicted sexual assaulter Bill Cosby, former President Bill Clinton, and other men who’ve been marred by allegations of sexual misconduct.

The ad shows clips of Clinton denying sexual relations with then-intern Monica Lewinsky and convicted assaulter Cosby denying sexual assault before immediately cutting to a clip of Kavanaugh denying decades-old, flimsy, changing, and uncorroborated sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him. The clear implication, of course, is that Kavanaugh is a lying sexual assaulter — due process norms be damned.

The increasingly partisan group announced the anti-Kavanaugh campaign on Monday, par for the course with their typical anti-Trump activism.

And the group has all but admitted their partisan bias: “ACLU’s political growth and advocacy has increased since Donald Trump was elected president. We’ve had a massive growth in volunteer base and massive growth in financial resources,” said the ACLU’s national political director Faiz Shakir, according to The Washington Post. “People have funded us, and I think they expect a return.”

“We’ve decided to move to opposition,” Shakir added. “It was incumbent upon us to show how we can flex our muscles in trying to persuade our people in the Kavanaugh vote.”

The nonprofit has also dedicated considerable time on their social media platforms opposing Kavanaugh:

You get the point.

The White House, Republican senators, and many others slammed the ACLU for refusing to stand for the civil liberties of the accused due to the “nonpartisan” group’s politics.

“For the ACLU which claims to care about civil liberties to condemn Brett Kavanaugh to the likes of a convicted felon without any evidence shows their true partisan stripes,” blasted White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah in a statement.

Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday that the confirmation vote on Kavanaugh will take place this week.

The ACLU’s anti-Kavanaugh ads began airing on Monday night.


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