WATCH: Muslim Parents, Students Protest Outside School Over LGBT Curriculum: ‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’

On Thursday, hundreds of students and their Muslim parents protested outside a primary school in Britain over LGBT-centered curriculum. At the protest, parents and organizers repeatedly chanted the word “shame!” and said it is wrong to be a Muslim and be gay.

After early backlash from a largely-Muslim population of parents, Birmingham’s Parkfield Community School paused their LGBT lessons. Unsatisfied parents, however, say they will continue to protest until the program is completely abolished.

According to Fox News, the school program in question is called “No Outsiders,” and “includes teachings about homosexuality, including same-sex relationships and marriages, and challenges homophobia.”

A man standing in front of a “Stop ‘No Outsiders’” sign said into a megaphone: “We need to make one thing clear: This program, it’s not just about telling people that other families and other types of lifestyles exist, it’s actually aggressively promoting them, giving it a positive spin, and telling people that it’s okay for you to be Muslim and for you to be gay.”

The crowd then broke in a “shame!” chant.

The man targeted assistant head Andrew Moffatt, a gay man, for allegedly “aggressively indoctrinating” children with LGBT messages against parents’ wishes.

“Mr. Moffatt, I did not want to make this person, but Mr. Moffatt has decided upon his own self to reinterpret our religious scriptures. I don’t know where he gets his religious education from … but, our religious beliefs are not here to be changed. We do not send our children to school to be indoctrinated. … This is an aggressive indoctrination that is going on.”

Protesters and parents will not stop until “No Outsiders” is “abolished” across all of Britain, he vowed.

Some of the other signs at the event read, “say no to sexualizing children,” “respect and be respected,” and “our children, our choice.”

Parents at the protest also reportedly took to the megaphone to complain that the LGBT lessons were not “age appropriate” and bash the school for violating their Islamic beliefs, specifically noting that homosexuality is not okay.

According to Fox, “virtually every child” at the school has Muslim parents. Some 600 students were pulled from the school in a single day over the “No Outsiders” program.

In a letter sent home to parents, reports The Guardian, “No Outsiders” has been halted, as scheduled.

“Up to the end of this term, we will not be delivering any No Outsiders lessons in our long-term year curriculum plan, as this half term has already been blocked for religious education (RE),” the letter states. “Equality assemblies will continue as normal and our welcoming No Outsiders ethos will be there for all.”


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