WATCH: MSNBC Hosts MELT DOWN Over Kanye’s White House Visit


After Kanye West’s historic performance in the Oval Office with President Trump – regaling the press on everything from his view of hydrogen-powered airplanes to racism to the Second Amendment – the members of the media were obviously deeply unhappy. First, there were members of the press who were shocked – shocked! – that West cursed in the Oval Office:

Worth noting: Bill Clinton received oral sex in the Oval Office. So if we’re talking about degrading the location, Kanye’s late to the party.

But the most absurd reaction came courtesy of Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC:

Velshi stated, “Wow! That was bonkers…That was crazy.”

Ruhle called the episode an “assault on our White House.” One wonders what these media members would have thought about the White House hosting Lena Dunham:

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Or Jay Z and Beyonce:

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Or Snoop Dogg, showing up to the White House while high:

Or Common coming to the White House:

No, only Kanye was worthy of the epithet “assault” from Ruhle. Because he’s pro-Trump, of course.

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