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Watch: ‘Mr. President, What Are Saturdays For?’

By  Kassy Dillon

In a big upset to millennials, President Donald Trump appears not to know what Saturdays are for.

In a video posted to Twitter by Barstool News Network on Friday, President Trump is asked what Saturdays are for.

“Mr.President, what are Saturdays for? What are Saturdays for?” the man asks.

“Working,” replies Trump.

The joke stems from Barstool Sports “Saturdays are for the boys” catch phrase celebrating male fraternity, which has been repeated by several celebrities, politicians, and athletes including Rob Gronkowski, Michael Phelps, Adam Sandler, Ken Bone, Dj Khaled, Anthony Scaramucci, and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Watch below:

Several Twitter users joked about their disappointment for Trump not knowing the reference:

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