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WATCH: MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes Talks Leftist Narratives And The YouTube Shooting

On Thursday, MRCTV uploaded the latest “Reality Check” with Brittany Hughes, titled “The Media Really Care About Mass Shootings…Unless the Gunman’s an Iranian Vegan.”

If a white guy walks into a school with a rifle and opens fire, that one story alone will trigger panicked calls for gun control, spark nationwide marches, launch an all out war against the NRA, and fuel the national media machine for months. But apparently if an Iranian woman with a handgun walks into a business and shoots it up, that’s worth about a day. Probably because this isn’t really about gun violence – it’s about an agenda.

After Hughes went over the details of the YouTube shooting, she continued:

Everyone notice how that whole story just completely fell out of the news cycle like a lead balloon? Man, that was quick. It was major news for about a minute, but when it turned out the shooter was a Middle Eastern woman with a handgun, the media dropped that story like a bad habit. And they were not the only ones.

Before the police had even cleared the scene on Tuesday, actor Michael Ian Black…was promising to politicize the shooting, and declared once again that the NRA was a “terrorist organization.” Then it came out that the gunman was a Middle Eastern tree-hugger, and everything went crickets on his twitter feed.

Hughes added that both Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tweeted about the incident as news broke, but quickly turned to other things:

It’s interesting which shootings the leftist media decides to focus on and which it doesn’t. If gun violence is really the issue, then they would be concerned with all of it, right? You would think. But that never seems to be the case. If a shooter lights up a gay nightclub, it’s all over the headlines for weeks, but if a guy guns down a bunch of country music fans in Las Vegas, we still don’t know why he did it, what his girlfriend did or didn’t know, or why the police did not respond faster – because that story just got buried, and no one seems to care that we still have no idea how or why it happened.

A man shoots up a church and gets put down by an NRA instructor with an AR-15, and that story lasts about a day and a half.

The Parkland shooting has been in the news for two months, and I guarantee you that had the YouTube shooter been a white male wearing a MAGA hat and armed with a rifle, we would be taking about it for the next five years. But it was a foreign woman in a headscarf with a pistol, so the media has already aborted that mission post haste because this really isn’t about gun violence, and it’s not about finding solutions. It’s not about victims or mental illness, or figuring out what policies might actually help stop these crazy people.

It was, and has always been about pushing a narrative, and focusing solely on those select stories that fit that narrative – and this one simply didn’t.