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WATCH: MRC’s Latest ‘Reality Check’ Slams Trump-Hating CEOs Whose Companies Are Benefiting From The GOP Tax Bill

By  Frank Camp

On Thursday, MRCTV released a new “Reality Check” with host Brittany Hughes. This episode is titled “Remember All Those CEOs Who Hated Trump? Now He’s Helping Them Hand Out Bonuses.”

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has had no problem expressing his open disdain for Donald Trump. Not only did he accuse the president of creating economic chaos during a staff meeting in Seattle last February, he also recently promised to hire 10,000 refugees just to thumb his nose at Trump’s immigration plan. Then again, this is the same guy whose company once tried to force its morning commute customers into having really awkward and random conversations about racism with total strangers. So he kind of has a habit of being really, really wrong about stuff.

Hughes goes on to kick the coffee chain’s former CEO by noting that Starbucks is giving its employees “over $250 million in higher pay, bonuses, and benefits” due to the tax law.

Walmart, whose CEO Doug McMillon has slammed Trump in the past, is “increasing their hourly wage to $11, handing out $1,000 cash bonuses, and expanding their employee benefits,” according to Hughes.

Hughes adds that the “Walt Disney Company just revealed that they will be giving 125,000 of their employees $1,000 bonuses” and “Verizon announced Tuesday that it’ll be giving 155,000 of its employees fifty shares each of stock, totaling more than $400 million.”

However, Democrats aren’t allowed to acknowledge the good deeds of Republicans, so people like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are dismissive of the tax cuts, referring to the “bonuses, benefits, and wage hikes” as “crumbs.”

Well, sir, not all of us can rake in $193,000 a year just to listen to the sound of our own voice. So, we’ll take our $1,000 crumbs. After all, its a heck of a lot more than we ever got under your policies.

Check out the full video here:

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