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WATCH: Mother, Daughter Engage In Tense Shoot-Out With Man Trying To Rob Their Store

An Oklahoma mother-daughter duo engaged in a tense shoot-out with an armed man trying to rob their liquor store, ABC 7 reported Friday.

The intense exchange captured by security cameras shows the women engaging the would-be robber after he walked into the Tulsa store with a shotgun, reportedly demanding cash.

The two women rush to a pair of handguns behind the counter and the mother starts firing at the man.

Moments later, the armed man manages to grab hold of the mother, throwing her toward the ground. The daughter uses her handgun to fire at the man as the two battle, and the suspect quickly flees.

According to police, one of the women was injured but is expected to recover.

The would-be robber, on the other hand, was found by police and taken to a nearby hospital where he remains in critical condition.