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WATCH: Miley Cyrus Video Features Priests At Strip Club, Children At Firing Range, Miley-As-Jesus

By  James Barrett

We thought we’d reached peak 2018 with the public meltdown between Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti and his porn star-turned-feminist icon client, but Miley Cyrus has given us a new pinnacle for the absurd. “Hannah Montana” is now flashing a thong while running from police as priests enjoy a strip club with women wearing nothing else and creepily smiling children shoot at her with evil guns.

In a new music video she produced in collaboration with Mark Ronson, who’s partnered with other big stars, including Lady Gaga, the daughter of the man notorious for “Achy Breaky Heart” laments that “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” while running from the cops O.J. Simpson-style. Because she must prove to us that she’s the edgiest of all the edgy artists, Miley makes sure to show us she’s in a thong in what must be a self-driving car while fans line the road holding signs that read “We Are Miley.”

Since a police chase and just one thong isn’t enough to keep viewers’ attention for long, the director places Miley, still in her Mercedes, somehow driving through a strip club filled with priests watching a bunch of Stormy Daniels’ wannabes. That debauched scene is intercut with children firing hand guns at a shooting range. Miley eventually crashes into that scene as well, and the young girls fire on her car.

The wild ride ends with Miley crashing her Mercedes but miraculously surviving, holding her arms outstretched in Christ-like fashion in front of the cross-like vehicle. It’s art, folks.

The Independent reports that the song was “co-written by Cyrus and Ronson, alongside Ilsey Juber, Thomas Brenneck, The Picard Brothers and Conor Rayne Syzmanski, the track will feature on Ronson’s forthcoming album, which is set for release next year.”

Cyrus and Ronson are scheduled to perform in two weeks on Saturday Night Life, the Independent notes. The song is Cyrus’s first single since releasing her album “Younger Now” last week.

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