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WATCH: Michael Moore Says To Boycott Starbucks Until Howard Schultz Drops Out

The prospect of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz running for president as an independent against candidates like Kamala Harris has scared the living daylights out of leftists, who fear he may split the vote in President Trump’s favor.

Speaking on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” leftist propagandist Michael Moore has called for a boycott on the coffee chain until Schultz steps down, which will arguably be about as effective as the boycott against Chick-fil-A over same-sex marriage.

Moore first blasted Schultz for claiming to be a “self-made billionaire.”

“You take issue with ‘self-made,'” noted Meyers.

Moore replied, “In the same sentence he goes, ‘I’m a self-made billionaire, I grew up in the projects in Brooklyn.’ Right away by admitting that you had subsidized public housing paid for by the tax dollars of the American people, you aren’t self-made,” Moore explained. “You got a hand-up from us, like we wanted to, we want to help our fellow Americans. It’s a form of socialism, public housing, and yet he’s saying, ‘I’m all self-made.'”

Moore went on to critique Schultz for all of the public benefits he received while growing up, including his education. Seth Meyers simply nodded along with a “Yeah” or two interjected throughout.

“He went to public university; he went to Northern Michigan University actually, and you know, again, financed by taxpayers’ dollars,” he continued. “And he sells coffee, which is essentially water using city water systems, municipal water systems.”

“If you have a business, you might have to have fed-ex or trucks deliver things to your store,” Moore noted. “He has the people in New York and all these other cities delivering the water underground to him.”

Moore then did a little math about the amount of money that Starbucks pays for water.

“Of all the utility bills, it’s your least expensive bill,” Moore said. “So I did the calculation earlier today. It’s like a 1/100th of a penny to fill up a grande cup at Starbucks. You got to be a billionaire because we’re paying for the water!”

When Meyers asked the documentary filmmaker how people can prevent Schultz from running, Moore proposed a boycott.

“Well, my idea, first of all, is none of us should go to Starbucks until he announces he’s not running,” Moore said. “Those of us who support such a boycott could set up a little table in front of Starbucks, a little lemonade stand and provide coffee. With city-owned water!”

When speaking on MSNBC recently, lifelong Democrat Schultz said he would run as an Independent because the party has gone too far left.

“I’m not a Democrat;I don’t affiliate myself with the Democratic Party, who’s so far left, who basically wants the government to take over a health care which we cannot afford,” he said. “The government to give free college to everybody and the government to give everyone a job which basically is 40 trillion dollars on the balance sheet of 21 and a half trillion dollars, we can’t afford it.”

“What can we do, what we need is comprehensive tax reform, what we need is sensible solutions to immigration, all of these things cannot happen under the current environment,” he continued. “Now I’ve also been criticized for being a billionaire, let’s talk about that. I’m self-made! I grew up in the projects in Brooklyn, New York. I thought that was the American dream, the aspiration of America. You’re gonna criticize me for being successful?”