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WATCH: Louis Farrakhan Gives Insane Lecture Linking Star Of David To Sexual Immorality

A bizarre and disturbingly anti-Semitic lecture about the Star of David posted in 2016 has resurfaced online. Louis Farrakhan, the 84-year-old head of the Nation of Islam, links the Jewish symbol to the Biblical mark of the beast and sexual immorality.

Farrakhan presents the image of the Star of David on a screen and makes note of the six triangles. “Each angle in an equilateral triangle has how many degrees?” he asks, smiling. “60,” reply audience members in unison, much to Farrakhan’s delight. “So, the Bible says, count the number of a beast, for it is the number of a man,” he notes.

After connecting the Star of David to the mark of the beast, the anti-Semitic minister gives a tutorial on how the Jewish symbol, when superimposed over the body, illustrates sexual immorality.

The top triangle, he says, relates to “spiritual wisdom,” but the bottom triangle is another story.

“You notice where the point is, right?” he asks the audience, pointing to the bottom point of the Star of David superimposed over an image of the human body. He also linked the bottom of the triangle to women wearing v-neck shirts and tight pants to “expose the ‘v'”.

“It’s the same with us men,” he continued. “You got on these tight pants, with the outline of your penis; sisters walking; they lookin’; ‘That brother’s heavily endowed.'”

“When the white man wants to excite a man, what does he do? See, it’s boobs and butt,” Farrakhan said, pointing to the Star of David. “You’re the boob and butt generation, and now, you really believe that booty is beauty.”

The Nation of Islam leader then rants about Viagra, unnatural erections, fake butt lifts, penis enhancing pills (“bigger is better”), and “female Viagra.”

“This symbol was not used during the time of Moses and the early Israelite prophets,” he says. “This is a symbol that’s recently used for so-called Jews and Zionists.”

The leader, who has ties to several Democrats, including Democratic National Committee (DNC) Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, is a noted conspiracy theorist, anti-white racist, and anti-Semite. He’s previously said the 9/11 attack was a false flag operation carried out by the Bush Administration because he stole the election, white people are not fully evolved, and Adolf Hitler was “a great man.”