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WATCH: Leftist Mob Screaming ‘Racists Out! Fascists Out!’ Physically Force Trump Supporter Out of Park

The racist, fascist hypocrisy of the far left was on full display at City Hall Park in New York City on Monday as a mob of activists protesting police physically forced a white Donald Trump supporter out of their “space for black and brown lives,” pushing, shoving, and taunting him until he was out of the park.

Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor reports that the mob was gathered for the “#ShutDownCityHallNYC” rally in the park intended to protest the police.

After accusing the man of “white supremacy” and being a “racist” simply for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, the group formed a wall and began to walk toward him, one activist shoving him forcefully at one point, while the others pushed against him as they moved forward.

“Your white supremacy, that’s violent!” one black female activist yelled in his face.

“I’m not a white supremacist,” the Trump fan responded.

“We do not condone violence,” the activist said. “This is not your space! This a space for black and brown lives!”

As they pushed against him, forcing him toward to the edge of the park, the crowd chanted “Racists out!” and “Fascists out!”

The shameful scene was caught on a number of video cameras and cell phones. Below is the footage taken by RT America’s Alexander Rubenstein:

After the white Trump supporter is finally outside of the “black and brown” activists’ safe space, several news cameras focus on him. This enrages one of the activists, who scolds the reporters for focusing their attention on him rather than on the protest inside the park. As the Trump fan tries to speak, the activists tell him to “shut the f*** up.”

When the Trump supporter insists on getting his opinion out, one protester responds with the perfect expression of the attitude of the leftists, saying, “We already know your opinion.”

Rubenstein notes that there were “lots of police” watching the incident, yet not one moved in to help the lone Trump supporter as he was being physically removed from the park by the anti-police protesters. With the kind of hell officers receive for stepping in to such a racially charged moment, it’s probably no surprise that some would be unwilling to intervene in a non-life-threatening situation like this.

Here’s a “revolutionary socialist” gloating over the activists’ manhandling of the Trump supporter: