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WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Heckled During Presser, Tells Badgering Reporters: ‘I Don’t Call On Activists’

"When will you admit you lost the election?"
WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 01: White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany talks to reporters during a news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House July 01, 2020 in Washington, DC. This is the third day in a row that McEnany has briefed journalists following news reports of an alleged plot by a Russian military intelligence unit to pay bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan.
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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told heckling reporters on Friday that she does not “call on activists.”

McEnany opened the briefing discussing the Trump administration’s success in so quickly bringing coronavirus vaccines to the American people under Operation Warp Speed, a reality that was routinely mocked as an impossibility by the mainstream media.

As she fielded questions from reporters concerning the coronavirus and the “transition” to Democrat Joe Biden, a Playboy reporter shouted at McEnany about refusing to “admit” Trump “lost” the election.

The mainstream media have declared the former Vice President the winner of the 2020 presidential election though the Trump campaign is pursuing legal action over alleged voter inconsistencies and potential fraud and votes have yet to be certified.

“When are you gonna admit you lost?” shouted reporter Brian Karem.

Another time during the presser, he yelled, “When will you admit you lost the election?”

Karem videotaped himself shouting the question and posted it to Twitter.

“The [WhiteHouse] press secretary refused to call Biden ‘President-Elect.’ Called him ‘The former Vice President.’ Complete denial,” he captioned the video, adding the Twitter handles of President Donald Trump and McEnany. 

Near the end of the presser, McEnany was shouted at by Karem and CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins.

“I don’t call on activists,” the press secretary said into the mic, before walking away.


The day before Friday’s briefing from McEnany, Vice President Mike Pence was berated by a screaming press corps.

The Daily Wire reported:

As Pence then turned around and began exiting the room, reporters began to scream at him for not answering questions which is a sharp contrast of how reporters have treated Democrat Joe Biden over the past several months when he has refused to answer questions at the ends of news conferences.

After several reporters shouted at Pence, one raised his voice above the others.

“Are you undermining a democratic election?” the reporter appeared to yell. “All of you need to answer that. What is going that you’re not working with the presidential [inaudible]?”

“You’re all part of not recognizing democracy,” the reporter shouted. “You’re all undermining the democratic election, every one of you.”

WATCH the full presser, below:

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