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WATCH: Julianne Moore Shows Utter Second Amendment Ignorance

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Friday, Julianne Moore graced the harpies at The View with her presence, where the actress spewed out complete ignorance, perhaps purposefully so, of the Second Amendment.

Moore declared that gun control measures — which she referred to with the Orwellian phrase “gun safety” — are not “a Second Amendment issue.”

“You know, people like to talk about it as if it’s a Second Amendment issue,” said Moore, an advocate for “gun safety” activist group Everytown. “It’s a safety issue.”

“A gun is a machine,” she continued. “You know, when cars were introduced we had any number of fatalities because we didn’t have safety regulations. So, we didn’t have seatbelts and speed limits and airbags; we’re asking for those same kinds of things with gun-registration, licensing, background checks … limitations on the number of firearms you can own.”

It’s important to highlight that Moore is not talking about ambiguous “gun safety” measures, but, rather, gun control measures, such as restricting law-abiding citizens from keeping and bearing the arms they choose.

Actually, here’s Moore and a whole host of celebrities looking to use the Las Vegas tragedy to push even more gun control efforts:

You see, for the greater good, Empress Moore believes Americans should keep and bear as many types of firearms as she sees fit.

Contrary to Mrs. Moore’s sanitized talking point, gun control measures are Second Amendment issues. Any declaration that such measures are not Second Amendment issues is seemingly an intentional obfuscation of reality, a deceptive way to push an agenda that runs roughshod over the Constitution.

Perhaps Moore is an ignorant tool of the movement; perhaps she knows exactly what she’s doing.


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