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WATCH: Joy Behar Shares Musings On Dr. Birx: Trump’s ‘Elderly Care Nurse’
ABC's "The View" - Season 22. Joy Behar
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During Monday’s episode of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg opened the segment by talking about White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx, who Goldberg believes should publicly speak out against President Trump more forcefully. But after Goldberg handed the floor to the next panelist, Joy Behar took the opportunity to entertain her comedic musings about the president and Dr. Birx. 

“I feel like at this point, she’s less of a doctor, and more like an elderly care nurse to this guy,” said Behar, after quipping that she was wearing a scarf as an “homage” to Dr. Birx because she “kinda feels sorry for the woman.”

“He’s running around the house in his pajamas, yelling at the TV set, not getting up out of bed until late, I don’t know what he’s losing it,” said Behar. “He’s like the grandpa who walks out in the middle of the birthday party with his pants off.”

“And then Dr. Birx, his surrogate at the party, has to say ‘Oh Grandpa is just liberating himself, isn’t he funny?’ Like that,” said Behar. “It’s scary to see what’s going on in this country. It’s frightening.”

After the brief tangent, Behar remarked that Dr. Birx should have spoken out against Trump in a dramatic fashion at the White House coronavirus press conference on Friday, during which the president made his now-infamous remarks about disinfectant. 

Later in the segment, co-host Sunny Hostin echoed the sentiments, declaring that Dr. Birx was “part of the problem” for not publicly standing up to the president.

“She actually implied that the media was to blame for that story to still be in the news cycle,” said Hostin. “When there are times like this, good people with integrity need to stand up and need to speak truth to power. You can’t be complicit in a time like this.”

During a Sunday appearance on CNN, Dr. Birx pushed back against host Jake Tapper after she was asked whether the president’s comments were bothersome, reports The Guardian

“It bothers me that this is still in the news cycle, because I think we’re missing the bigger pieces of what we need to be doing as an American people to continue to protect one another,” said Dr. Birx. “As a scientist and a public health official and a researcher, sometimes I worry that we don’t get the information to the American people that they need when we continue to bring up something that was from Thursday night.”

The White House decided to cancel the Monday coronavirus press briefing, after the president pushed back against the media over the weekend for asking “nothing but hostile questions.” President Trump later decided to host a press conference in the Rose Garden. 


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