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WATCH: Things Get Heated When Journalist Asks If Alyssa Milano Will Disavow Linda Sarsour

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Things got heated at Politicon on Sunday when actress and #MeToo darling Alyssa Milano was confronted by freelance journalist Laura Loomer about her support for controversial Women’s March leader and Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour.

“My question is for you, Alyssa Milano. You are friends with Linda Sarsour, and both of you ladies have positioned yourselves as speakers and representatives of the #MeToo movement,” started Loomer.

The journalist was quickly swarmed by women manning the Politicon event, two of whom physically grabbed the mic from Loomer.

“Let me ask my question,” insisted Loomer.

“I want to ask you right now to disavow Linda Sarsour because she is a supporter of Sharia law. And under Sharia law, women are oppressed, women are forced to wear a hijab,” she said. “My question is, will you please disavow her because she is advocating for Sharia law?”

Milano, unsurprisingly, elected not to disavow Sarsour.

“She’s not” advocating for Sharia law, replied the actress. “She’s not. But thank you so much for your question.”

As Loomer was being physically removed from the venue, she brought up past tweets from Sarsour which expressly advocate for Sharia law.

As recently as April of 2016, for example, the “feminist” tweeted that “Sharia Law is misunderstood.”

Her pro-Sharia stance was even more blatant in 2015, tweeting, “You’ll know when you’re living under Sharia Law if suddenly all your loans & credit cards become interest free. Sound nice, doesn’t it?”

Amazingly, she boasted of the conditions for women in Saudi Arabia in 2014, when women were not even allowed to drive. “10 weeks of PAID maternity leave in Saudi Arabia. Yes PAID. And ur worrying about women driving. Puts us to shame,” she wrote.

Loomer was also able to slip in a question about Milano’s past support for former President Bill Clinton, who’s been accused of sexual assault by at least 14 women.

In a recently deleted tweet published in 2012, Milano gushed, “Bill Clinton, I love you so much. Like crazy amounts of love.”

Milano told Loomer that she has since disavowed Clinton and has called for him to be investigated.

In early October, Milano finally acknowledged that “we probably should’ve investigated” allegations against Clinton. This was after she was mercilessly called out for her glaring hypocrisy with regard to her extreme stance against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused of vague decades-old sexual misconduct without a trace of evidence or corroboration.

“I don’t think Bill Clinton should have gotten that benefit of the doubt hindsight,” confessed Milano. “I think that as a nation, we were in a different time. I think that women were continually being silenced.”

“I think we gave him the benefit of the doubt and we probably should’ve investigated the allegations against him as well,” she added. “This is not about partisan politics to me. This is about humanity.”

Loomer called the #MeToo movement “a sham” as she was pushed out of the venue by apparent “feminists.”

“If we don’t know how to talk to one another, we’ll never evolve,” lectured Milano.

“I wish you well — God bless you,” said the actress.


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