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WATCH: Jon Stewart Nails Journalists Covering Trump. CNN Proves Him Right.

Comedian Jon Stewart was interviewed by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Tuesday night, and the former “Daily Show” host absolutely nailed today’s political journalists in a way no one else has.

Amanpour asked Stewart about the constant focus on President Donald Trump by the media, and the following exchange occurred:

AMANPOUR: So, do you think – because, obviously, we are all caught up in this sort of daily Trump fest. I mean, every single newspaper, every radio station, every bit of social media –

STEWART: You got to make money, too.

AMANPOUR: Well, it’s dissecting –

STEWART: You have bills to pay, man. You got electric bills, you got food. You know, this guy is – he’s giving you all cash. The cash flow in the Trump era for these TV stations and for these news –

AMANPOUR: Can I say, that might have been an issue and maybe it still is an issue for the people who are the bean counters.


AMANPOUR: But we the journalists, we, I think, believe that our job is to navigate the truth and to do the fact checking and all the rest of it. So, I think that’s what most –

STEWART: But I think the journalists have taken it personal.

AMANPOUR: Ok. That’s interesting.

After blowing the lid on the media’s obsession with Trump (it’s all about the money), Stewart goes in for the kill shot:

They are personally wounded and offended by this man. He baits them. And they dive in. And what he’s done well, I thought, is appeal to their own narcissism, to their own ego. Because what he says is these are the – and the journalists stand up and say, ‘We are noble. We are honorable. How dare you, sir?’ And they take it personally and now he has changed the conversation to not that his policies are silly or not working or any of those other things, it’s all about the fight. He is able to tune out everything else and get people just focused on the fight. And he’s going to win that fight.

Amanpour then responds in a way that exactly proves Stewart’s point:

You know, even Bob Woodward said that, in his book on the Trump White House, that a lot of journalists are too emotional about this. But it’s hard for us to be dispassionate when words from the White House are aggressive against us and, you know, raise the spectrum of violence against us.

When confronted with the truth, Amanpour shows that journalists today take Trump’s words personally and indulges her ego. There is no increased risk for journalists in this country. The shooting in Baltimore was a local beef. The “explosive” devices addressed to former government employees who are now media outlet contributors weren’t designed to work and were sent by a crazy person. The journalists that have been physically attacked while reporting have been attacked by the leftist group Antifa.

But we must all remember poor Jim Acosta, getting the finger at a campaign rally.

Watch the exchange below:

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