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WATCH: Joe Scarborough Talks About ‘Science’ And ‘Technology’ Changing The Abortion Debate For Young People

On Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough made an interesting point relating to abortion during a segment on the Florida shooting.

While discussing the ways in which younger generations may become more anti-gun in the wake of Florida, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, and other shootings, he offered a conservative analog to his perspective.

Set aside for the moment Scarborough’s condescending remarks about conservative gun rights supporters, and read/watch this:

Let me talk about another issue that they may understand more, and that is abortion. You are seeing poll numbers move on abortion, for banning abortions after 20 weeks. Why? Because for the past decade, younger Americans have been going in and they have been seeing 3D imagery, where they can look into the womb, and if some activist says, “Your child is a lump” – I must tell you, I’ve had four kids, I’ve never once had a doctor go to me, “Hey, we’ve got your lump. Let me show you your lump. Look at your lump’s profile.”

Jack, who’s 9 years old now, I knew very early on – I said, “Oh my God, that profile, he does not have my nose. That’s a beautiful nose.” And that was early on in the process. This is an example of science, technology changing that is going to change the politics of abortion, where suddenly, again, viability…you go into the NICU, and kids, even nine years ago, were surviving 24 weeks in. This is an issue that, culturally, is going to change. Americans, younger voters, are going to become more conservative on abortion because they see their child very early on in the womb.

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