WATCH: Hysterical Man Harasses Pregnant Woman In Grocery Store For No Mask, Scolds Her For ‘So Much Privilege’

"You're on candid camera!"
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A man videotaped and taunted a young pregnant woman who wasn’t wearing a mask in a grocery store and put the video online, which has amassed more than 400,000 views as of Friday.

“Right there, right there, no mask,” the man said, zooming over to the pregnant woman as she checks out with her groceries.

The woman calmly waves, only irritating the already emotional man. “You’re on candid camera. Here we go. I want you to know that your insensitivity is ridiculous,” he scolded her.

He then equated her maskless face with the deaths of his grandparents. “I no longer have grandparents due to this virus because of people like you, who don’t wanna wear a mask in a store!”

“I’m sorry, but it’s none of your business why I’m not wearing a mask,” the woman starts to say.

“It’s ridiculous, actually!” he screams at her. “It’s insensitive and it’s disgusting as a human being for you to show so much privilege to all of these people! There are so many older people in here who have health conditions.”

“Hey, I’m pregnant, and I’m not just gonna not let myself breathe,” the woman tells the man.

“Oh whoop-dee-doo — congratulations for your pregnancy,” the man says sarcastically. “It’s ridiculous, and I want you to know that! You’re on candid camera, and I want you to know that!”

Notably, the vaccine is readily available for Americans who wish to take it and has been for months.

The grocery store the pair are in what appears to be a Wegmans. On Jan. 26, Wegmans issued a press release on their masking policy. The stores ask all customers to wear a mask but states they will not refuse entrance to those who are not wearing face coverings:

Customers are required to wear a face covering while shopping in our stores in accordance with applicable local or state mandates. We are focused on complying with these mandates, while keeping the health and safety of our employees and customers a top priority. Short of refusing entrance to our stores, we are doing everything we can to educate our customers and stress the importance of compliance. Anyone who enters our stores without a mask is approached by one of our people and offered a free mask. Through ongoing monitoring, we continue to see 99% compliance with the mask mandates from our customers. While we would love for that to be 100%, we have to balance that 1% with the risks of asking our employees to confront unmasked customers. We thank our customers for doing their part to help keep themselves and others safe.


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