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WATCH: Hindu Extremists Steal Bibles, Burn Them In India

Christians in India were cornered and harassed last month by Hindu extremists who stole a box of Bibles and then set them on fire.

A group of Indian Christians were passing out Bibles in the Singotam village in the southern region of India, according to the Morning Star News. They were surrounded by a group of men identified as members of a Hindu extremist group. The men began to shout at the Christians, all senior citizens, threatening them with physical harm if they returned.

“From now on, if any of you distribute Bibles, we will attack you brutally,” one yelled. “How dare you promote Christianity?”

“You will give a Bible to whoever you want? How dare you. …You shameless idiots. Get the hell out of here,” another one shouts.

A video of the incident begins after one of the extremists snuck into the group’s van, stealing the keys and throwing a box of Bibles out. The group began kicking the box.

Moments later, the extremists before pouring fuel on them and lighting them on fire, according to eye witnesses.

The Christians were given permission to pass out the Bibles by local government officials.

One of the Christian group members, identified as Richard Nixon, explained that there were eight in their group. “Before distributing the Bibles, we prayed together,” he said. “We had first asked the school administration that we will place the Bibles there, that the students may take them, but we were told to distribute them by ourselves. It was such a joy! The children came to us few at a time with their friends and received the Bibles happily.”

He said that ten Hindu extremists then came from a local temple and began to threaten them.

“They started badgering us with questions: ‘Who sent you here? Why are you distributing Bibles?’ They soon slipped into filthy language. We told them that we will move on from here, and requested let there be no fight,” Nixon said.

Despite the harassment, the group of Christians passed out more than 170 Bibles.

Watch video footage of the incident below: